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Are you compliant with Bacs?

If you process Direct Debits, it is important that you know the scheme Guide and Rules to make you’re compliant with Bacs. One of the key aspects of using this service, is the speed in which Service Users become aware that payers…

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Bacs 50th Anniversary Statistics

As Bacs celebrates its 50th Anniversary this month, they share some key statistics processing direct debits and direct credits over half a century! Bacs 50th anniversary statistics Bacs launched in April 1968, known originally as the Inter Bank Computer Bureau Direct…

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Half a century of Bacs Payments!

A household name that launched before man walked on the moon, when mobile communicators only existed on sci-fi shows, and as Apple’s Steve Jobs was just entering his teens, marks its 50th anniversary this month. Bacs Payment Schemes Limited (Bacs), the…

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Bacs Error 8th March 2018

Direct Debits returned unpaid in error It has come to our attention that certain Direct Debit unpaid codes for Direct Debits processed on 8th March 2018 have been returned unpaid in error. This error is as a result of an…

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Bacs Easter Processing Dates 2018

With Easter dates changing each year, its sometimes hard to keep track of when those extra bank holidays fall! When processing your Direct Debits or Direct Credits, it’s vital you plan for the extra non-processing days over Easter. Bacs has sent a helpful…

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What is ARUDD Unpaid Direct Debit – Reason Code 1

ARUDD stands for Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debit and gives details on why any Direct Debits are returned unpaid. Unpaid Direct Debit Reason Code 1 (or a’F21′), means ‘Instruction Cancelled’. What does this actually mean? The Direct Debit Instruction…

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Changes to XML Bacs reports

Bacs recently sent a communication to its customers about changes to Bacs reports downloaded in XML. In a nutshell, from the 5th February 2018, Bacs processing reports are moving to a new server which will change the way that XML…

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What is ARUDD Unpaid Direct Debit – Reason Code 0?

ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debit) reports provide information on why any Direct Debits are returned unpaid. If you see ARUDD Unpaid Direct Debit Reason Code 0 (or ‘F20′), this means ‘Refer to Payer’. What does this actually mean? The payer’s…

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Bacs processing dates for Christmas 2017

With just under a month to go until Christmas and thoughts about presents and turkeys, don’t forget to think about Bacs processing dates over the festive period, and make sure you submit your files as early as you can! Payment arrival…

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Bacs fake email alert

Bacs has issued a fake email alert to all Direct Debit Service Users. This email is NOT from Bacs. If you receive one, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS and Inform Bacs. For updates from Bacs click here  

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Offering the mobile and facebook apps gave people another fundraising avenue, providing an easier, more immediate way for participants to promote their involvement and raise sponsorship. It also meant Helen & Douglas House was in a position to benefit from those spur of the moment desires to donate that we would otherwise have missed out on.

Poppy Hanbury, Senior Community & Events Fundraiser, Helen & Douglas House

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