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SHA-2 Bacs Migration: The what, why & when…

You may have received an email from Bacs informing you of a ‘Notice of forthcoming Bacs communications on SHA-2 Migration‘. We have detailed below the what, why & when of the SHA-2 Bacs Migration but firstly, let us stress that…

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Direct Debit Easter 2015 Processing Dates

As we approach Easter and look forward to the extra days off and tucking into chocolate eggs, it is important to note there are changes to the processing dates during this time. We recommend you review your processing and the…

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Bacs processing over the summer holidays

Mid August and the summer holidays are in full swing with a lot of staff enjoying a well deserved two weeks break. Whilst we all look forward to this time, it can cause issues for Direct Debit processing. During this…

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Bacs notice on cyber threats

Bacs has recently sent out an email to all Bacs Service Users’ sharing best practice when it comes to protecting your organisation against cyber attacks. Bacs informs, the best practice is as follows: • Smart cards should be removed from…

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Bacs Easter processing dates 2014

The chocolate and creme eggs have been in the shops for a few weeks now, so we know Easter is just around the corner but we should not forget about the Direct Debit non-processing days during the Easter holiday period….

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New Bacs Direct Debit Service Guide Rules

Changes have been made to the Bacs Direct Debit Service User’s Guide & Rules. The latest version is 3.9 and if you operate Direct Debit, you should be aware of the latest changes and ensure you have a copy of…

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Bacs Christmas and New Year processing dates

Following on from our Christmas opening hours blog, Bacs has produced a calender of the Bacs 2013 Christmas & New Year processing dates to remind all Service Users when they need to submit their Direct Debit or Direct Credit files…

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Rapidata’s Charity Direct Debit Tracking Report 2016


 The most comprehensive picture of regular giving Direct Debit cancellation rates and supporter retention yet.

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