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Bmycharity to Close Down

The Rapidata team was very sad to learn that Bmycharity would be closing next week. Bmycharity has been an important part of the online fundraising community over the last nine years and have helped to raise a lot of money…

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Change to the Direct Debit Indemnity Claims Process

For many of us, Direct Debit Indemnity claims although small in number present a manual and timely exercise to reconcile and settle. Not least because of the covoluted and tiresome forms that make up the paper trail. We are pleased…

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Snow – update

I am pleased to report that all staff have made it in to work today and after a number of hot chocolates they have all warmed up!

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We’ve now saved 13.2 trees!

We’ve now saved 13.2 trees! Back in September I wrote about how Rapidata, through recycling, had managed to save 8.4 trees. Three months, and lots more recycling later, we’ve saved 13.2! I’ve drawn a festive illustration so you can put…

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We’ve saved 8.4 trees

We’ve saved 8.4 trees! We all try to do our bit to help the environment, switching off lights, using less washing powder and putting a Hippo in the loo cistern.  All great green ideas but I’m never really sure how…

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New Look, New Service. – What do you think?

Notice anything different about the way we look? I’m hoping you’ll like our new branding that has been designed to reflect our fresh thinking and expanding business.  We have a new livery to bring us up to date and a…

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Out go the Apples!

Today I am very excited for two reasons: Firstly Rapidata has just launched its new website which shows the company’s new images and logo. The old logo has been with Rapidata since its inception over 12 years ago and although…

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“The ability for participants to gain sponsors directly within Facebook has been enormously helpful, as have been the staff at Rapidata.  I shall look to use them for all my events from now on and will recommend to all the charities we support.”

Robin Hollington. Event Organiser Since 1664, www.since1664.com