Rapidata have the technology and infrastructure already in place with a fully resourced and experienced team

Direct Debit Managed Service

Rapidata’s Direct Debit Managed Service provides an efficient and cost-effective way to collect and manage payments. We’ll take care of all the administrative work involved in Direct Debit processing including:
•    database management
•    sending payment instructions
•    collecting the Direct Debits on your behalf
•    crediting the payments directly to your nominated bank account

Customised Reports

After each collection period you’ll be provided with information on all Direct Debits paid, unpaid and cancelled. The data will be securely available online and formatted so it can be uploaded directly to your database for easy reconciliation and analysis.


Using Rapidata’s Direct Debit Managed Service means you will have:
•    No capital outlay on software, hardware or training.
•    No risk to your collections if key staff members are unable to work because we have a fully resourced and experienced team who can manage the day-to-day processing on your behalf.
•    You will have a dedicated Account Manager to help you get set up, who you can contact with any Direct Debit queries.

Organisations wanting to use Direct Debits to collect regular payments must have a SUN (Service User Number). We will:
•    Make collections, and report on the outcomes.
•    Setup all new Direct Debit Instructions
•    Update all bank amendments and cancellations on a daily basis
•    Help link your SUN to our Bureau number.
•    Help you get set up on AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service), which  reduces paper handling, errors and eliminates postage costs.
•    Operate to the highest quality standards and safest information security measures under our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification.


Our pricing is competitive and based on a fixed start up fee and a variable Direct Debit transaction fee dependent on volume.

Why not speak to us now on 01293 601111 or email us on info@rapidata.co.uk to find out how we can help you.

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“I have chosen Rapidata at two charities I have worked at, it’s like I take them everywhere I go! They are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly with a can-do attitude, they are the kind of people I like to work with. Their trend analysis and sector relevant insights are invaluable to me and my team when we are planning our activity for the year.”

Jenny Sheriff, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Above & Beyond