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Fulfilment & Trigger Communications

We understand the positive impact of engaging with your customers at important points in their relationship with you. Reaching out at the right time, with the right message, can help you build that relationship, avoid future payment issues and the costs of resolution and advise them of other available services.
Whether it’s at sign up, after certain payments, or even if your customer is cancelling their payment, there are crucial trigger points during your customer’s journey that can help you build an informed and lasting relationship. At Rapidata, we use our experience to determine the most valuable trigger points during every customer’s journey. We partner with you through every step of the process to help you create a holistic campaigns with carefully timed Trigger Communications (by post, SMS, email or telephone), customised with your branding and your message.

Together we can build a stimulating and engaging journey for your customers.  Our Trigger Communications service creates a bespoke journey plan suitable for your customers using the most valuable messaging opportunities.  We can help you test and refine your Trigger Communications to discover what messages, formats and communication channels work best for your customer base, and you can pick and choose which Triggers you deploy along the journey.  Some examples to consider include:
•    A Thank you message incorporating the Advance Notice letter for all new instructions
•    First payment Thank you letter or postcard to affirm your relationship
•    Confirmation of change of details or payment amount
•    Acknowledgement of a cancellation, including alternative payment options
•    Newsletter
•    Advice on services.
Rapidata have helped many organisations maintain their customer base by the intelligent use of Trigger Communications.

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“We at United Savings and Loans were sceptical about switching to a Direct Debit collection service as we were unsure about costs and how much work was needed to set the service up. Once we signed up with Rapidata we found it an easy transition with minimal man hours required, at a very reasonable cost.”

Sam Wilkes-Holmes, operations manager, United Savings & Loans