Rapidata’s BACS Contingency Support is there to protect your payments

BACS Contingency Support

You can’t predict when disaster may strike or what form it will take, but by planning ahead you can ensure your business income is secured by organising an effective back-up for your in-house payment processing.

Under the BACS rules all companies must have adequate contingency in case they suffer a hardware, software or communications failure. If you’re not using our Direct Debit Managed Service, Rapidata’s BACS Contingency Support will act as the back-up to protect your payments if you are unfortunate enough to experience such a problem.

The BACS contingency service is designed to form a core part of your disaster recovery or business continuity planning and, when activated, will take over all payment processing for as long as necessary until your own systems are back to normal.


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“I have chosen Rapidata at two charities I have worked at, it’s like I take them everywhere I go! They are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly with a can-do attitude, they are the kind of people I like to work with. Their trend analysis and sector relevant insights are invaluable to me and my team when we are planning our activity for the year.”

Jenny Sheriff, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Above & Beyond