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Our experience, infrastructure and technology have helped us become the leading Direct Debit processing specialist

Greater efficiency through technology

We are continually investing in technology and always looking to innovate and pass those benefits back to our clients

Flexible Direct Debits with Control my Payment

Control my Payment is an innovative new service that puts payers in control of their Direct Debit, offering them more flexibility whilst also giving organisations greater engagement and options to maximise these regular payments.
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Seamless API integrations giving you more control

Our API enables you to automate your Direct Debit processing within your CRM database, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many others.

Process Direct Debits within Salesforce

For those charities who use Salesforce, you can now process all your regular donations within Salesforce via Brickwork. Our free app enables the seamless set up, collection and reporting of Direct Debits.Brickwork iATS Logo-2017

More insight into payer data with Connect

Designed and built for those who want to stay ahead, Rapidata’s Connect portal gives you real-time access and full control of your payers' Direct Debit data.
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