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Make sure your business continuity plan is in place

As organisations across the UK brace themselves for the snow and ice, make sure yours isn’t one that gets caught out because staff can’t make it into work. With the snow already falling, protecting your operations from uncertainty is vital…

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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

But be sure of your business continuity It is hard to think when the weather is so mild that snow could be just round the corner but we’ve seen snow as late as April in recent years and as I…

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“We at United Savings and Loans were sceptical about switching to a Direct Debit collection service as we were unsure about costs and how much work was needed to set the service up. Once we signed up with Rapidata we found it an easy transition with minimal man hours required, at a very reasonable cost.”

Sam Wilkes-Holmes, operations manager, United Savings & Loans