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Haiti Emergency Appeals

Many of our clients are providing assistance and relief to the people of Haiti following the earthquake on the 12th January.

The web is an important direct response channel. The Burma Cyclone Appeal saw 42% of donations come through online*. Online means the money gets to the charity quicker so they can use the money immediately.

If your charity is involved in fundraising for the Haiti relief effort, we are on call to support you in your emergency donation appeals during this time.

If you are utilising your web site to allow visitors to make fast, secure donations, we recommend that you also enable tools inside our system like social networking widgets, to allow your volunteers and supporters to spread your messages on their personal networks.

Adding fund designation to a Direct Donation or Direct Debit site:

If you would like to add “Haiti Earthquake Relief” as a designation option for your donors, add a drop-down or a multiple choice question then please contact artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk or call us on 01293 524 066 and we will make the update for you.

Creating a personal fundraising campaign for Artez users:

In addition to giving supporters a direct donation option on your web site, you also may want to also present the option to personally fundraise for Haiti. Using the tools inside our system, you can create a “fundraise to support this emergency” inside the event/campaign template.

For more information about preparing your organization for donations during emergencies or pandemics, please review & share our Charities, Emergencies, & Pandemics session document (.pdf).

If you have any questions about setting up a campaign please contact: artezsupport@rapidata.com

*Sourced from Philanthropy UK

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