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Online events fundraising made easier with Facebook registration

Learn how our great new ‘Register with Facebook’ feature makes online fundraising easier for your events participants.

Rapidata’s Artez clients can now use a great new Single Sign On feature that allows your event participants to register quickly and easily using their Facebook accounts. They can also come back to your site and log into their fundraising accounts with their Facebook login.

That’s one less username and password to remember!

Here’s how your event participants can Register with Facebook:

New registrants will see a Facebook icon as an option for signing up for your event. Participants that choose Facebook for registration will be prompted to log into Facebook.

Once registrants have logged into Facebook, they will be directed back to the next step of registration. Depending on your event settings, participants may be asked to choose a location, or create a team.

Connecting with Facebook allows information like name, email, or address details to pre-populate into the Contact Information page fields during registration. Which pieces of information will pre-populate will always depend on Facebook security settings of individual users. No confidential or personal information is shared with Facebook or accessed from Facebook without a user’s permission.

After a successful registration:

When the registration process is completed, event participants are taken directly inside their fundraising consoles. Participants may choose “Disconnect” to log-out of Facebook while inside an event’s fundraising console.

Event participants who have registered without using Facebook will also see an option inside their fundraising consoles allowing them to associate their Facebook account with their Artez account at any time.

How to I enable ‘Register with Facebook’ on my event?

Setting up this feature takes just a couple minutes – all you will need are the Facebook log in details for your organisation or your event. Our dedicated Client Support Team can walk you through the set up. Just send an email to support@rapidata.co.uk or call the Support Desk on 01293 601110.

This is just one of several new enhancements and there are more on the way to help charities maximise their online fundraising Income. If you are not using our online fundraising service and would like to know more, please contact Amy McGeever on 01293 601111 or amcgeever@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by amcgeever on 07/03/2012 within Online Fundraising
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