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Purchase Template update

The purchase template allows Charities to sell items such as Christmas gifts, merchandise and ticket sales for parties or events. A few of our Charities use them, here some great examples:

The Variety club use the system for their Gold Hearts appeal. You can buy a Gold heart designed by Coleen Rooney!

The Gulu Walk, a Canadian charity, use the Artez purchase module for their online shop to raise money for their Be an Athlete for Africa campaign.

We’ve put a lot of work into improving our purchase template recently.

•    You can now set a purchase amount of £0

Why would we do this? Well, some charities have asked for items to be available for options such as ‘spectator tickets’ for events. This way the organiser knows how many people are attending without having to charge them.Other charities want to offer a free information pack and collect details, whilst still being able to ask for a donation.
•    You can now void purchase items in your account. You can search for the item in the Relationships tab, void it and keep your data nice and clean.

•    Reports on purchase items – There is now a purchase item report available so you can keep all purchase data separate from donation data.

•    Add User Defined Fields (custom questions)
You can now add User Defined Fields to the purchase page which will enable you to ask questions like ‘what size T-shirt do you want?’

If you would like to find out more about the purchase template then please contact Alex and Molly on artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by amcgeever on 09/09/2009 within Fundraising, Online Fundraising
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