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Raisers Edge Integration!

We’re pleased and very excited to announce that the Artez export file can now be integrated directly with Raiser’s Edge (RE). The integration allows all RE users to move donor and registrant information from Artez to RE as often as you want and in the format you want it.

The tool can be installed on your RE server or any RE workstation, it then compares live data on the RE database and duplicates it in the Artez export file. The tool then generates import files in a RE ready format so you can easily import the file.

Not only will you have perfect reports you can also set up a built-in job scheduler, receive email notifications for jobs and edit csv files directly in the application.

Oh and did I mention…IT’S FREE!

We’re testing with a small group of clients this month but we’ll be ready to offer the service in March. If you are interested please contact us on artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk or 01293 524 066

Posted by Scott Gray on 04/02/2010 within Fundraising, Online Fundraising
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