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Ten ideas, Ten minutes, Ten speakers

Ten speakers: ten minutes was a big experiment, conceived through many conference calls and brainstorms at the Hub with our friends at HomeMade Digital and Artez Interactive. Happily, it’s an experiment that worked! We got lots of great feedback from all of the attendees and some tips on what to improve for next time.

What did we learn? ten lessons from TEN:

1. We don’t need to all become technology experts – none of us truly are! We do need to be aware of new technology and the opportunities it offers so we can best articulate our needs to our digital teams and developers. Stay one step ahead of the game by keeping up to date with all the latest news and blogs.

2. In the face of an ever growing digital data deluge we shouldn’t run away scared. There are loads of fantastic and free tools out there to track your supporter’s interactions and get the most of your digital experience. The key is thinking about which ones you really need to use and what data is most relevant to your work. If you’re not already using them check out Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer!

3. Have a great Idea! Stay focused and keep it simple with clear concise messages. It’s important not to confuse your supporters with too many confusing calls to action.

4. Tell real and authentic stories. Capture your supporter’s imaginations and show them how they can make a difference. There’s a wealth of places on the web to tell these stories: through video on YouTube, photos on Flickr, your blogs and emails.

5. Cross organisational co-operation is key to success. Maintaining consistent messaging across your digital, DM and other offline communications helps give your supporters a coherent message.

6. Put yourself in the position of the user.Take a step back and think about all the user touch points in their interaction with you. Do they make sense to the user? Get rid of unnecessary tick boxes and forms and you’ll be surprised how it can affect your conversion rates.

7. Social Media is all about holding a conversation. Don’t be afraid of negative criticism! Hold your ‘virtual’ head high; take a deep breath and respond sensibly and responsibly – the public will respect you for it. Check out Samepoint as a great free tool to monitor online conversations about your brand.

8. Plan outcomes for significant scenarios such as your website being overwhelmed by too much traffic – it’s all about forward planning people!

9. Long tail fundraising and incremental revenue increases online fundraising income. Growth doesn’t come from the top online fundraisers raising more, but from many smaller fundraisers raising £10 more. We need to give the right support and messages to encourage these fundraisers and help them achieve more.

10. The public are already using these technologies more and more every day and are hungry for new and exciting ways to interact with you – don’t get left behind!
What did people say?
“I really enjoyed the short talks – it kept the content focused and there was such a variety”

“Short punchy timing made it easier to focus, to hold attention and take away bite sized pieces of information”

“All of it! Excellent way to make us think through all the really key issues!”

So what’s next?
•    We’d like to keep the conversation going so if you’d like to be a part of our network, please join our Linked in group ‘Ten – Online Fundraising’
•    Download our speaker’s presentations by visiting: www.slideshare.net/alexbono
•    Watch the presentations on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWd2mEu0hI0
•    Follow-us on Twitter: @artezonline @rapidata_uk and @homemadedigital
•    Find your photo on Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/homemadedigital

Ten has come and gone and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing speakers, all of our fabulous attendees and of course the Tate Modern’s wonderful event staff.

If you would like to keep in touch and find out about upcoming events, please email artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk or add this blog to your RSS feed.

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