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The lastest Artez release is now LIVE

Artez’s latest release offers you even more options to help you get creative with your fundraising campaigns and donation forms! In this release, Artez have focused their attention on helping you create campaigns that are both functional and great-looking.

Some of the enhancements will affect live sites such as the accessibility changes and the look and feel of our buttons.

Enhanced Registration Template:

One of the most exciting new items in Release 147 is the enhanced registration option for the Event/Campaign template. Enhanced registration pages are built in AJAX, with a more modern design and interface. This is the first iteration of the new look and feel for all future Artez pages.

The enhanced registration process is built to be session-less, requiring much fewer steps for registrants when they sign-up for your peer-to-peer campaigns or search for a location to join.

HTML Headers & Footers:

With this upgrade, administrators can now create interactive headers and footers with HTML, as well as design unique headers/footers for mobile donation pages.

Updated User Interface:

Colour pickers have been added (colour wheel, RGB & Hex option) throughout the system. You can now choose custom colours for content sections, buttons, links, and tabs inside your events. The layout option allows administrators to centre pages without using CSS.

Content Editor (WYSIWYG) Enhancements:

A new ‘save’ button has been added to the editor so that you can preview your changes before making them available on your live pages. You can now also use the ‘full browser’ edit mode and ‘cut and paste from Word’ buttons.

Improved Accessibility Items:

Artez pages are now optimized to be more accessible for participants and donors viewing the web through screen-readers.Some visible changes you’ll notice include: The option to add ‘Alt Text’ on images and required asterisks on the left of text fields.
Keyword Enhancements:

The ‘View System Keywords’ panel now only represents the keywords that are applicable to that particular email. And keywords have been renamed to make their function clearer. For example, %eventStartPage% and %PersonalPageLink%. With this new enhancement, keywords that only apply to donation emails will not appear in the pop-up window for registration-based emails, and vice versa.

E-Card Enhancement:

It’s now easier to edit your E-Cards. All E-Card content pages are now grouped under a section titled ‘E-Card pages’ (Send E-Card Page, Send E-Card Finished Page, Pick up E-Card Page). You can also now allow donors to send an E-Card to up to 100 email addresses by using the ‘Mass Sending of E-Cards’ tool.

As part of the enhancements to the Tribute Template, content areas have been added to the ‘In Honour’ and ‘In Memory’ pages so your organisation can give donors the option of sending a print card or E-card after making a donation.

Reports Update For Mobile Donation:

New columns in the Snapshot and Donation reports give you visibility into your mobile donations. The new columns tell you which gifts were made via smartphone browsers on mobile pages.

Team UDF Values:

Team UDF values (where applicable) are now available to be pulled from webservices.

Changes to live sites will include the following items:
Individual vs Organisation donation selection:

Donors can now toggle between ‘individual’ and ‘organisation’ donation types. This means that donors will only be able to put text in the First Name / Last Name fields OR the Organisation field. This change will stop donors filling out all three fields and generating an error message.
Red Asterisk:

To comply with accessibility requirements for screen-readers, the red asterisk that identifies mandatory fields now appears in front of the content field, instead of on the end at the right.

Customisable Buttons:

Buttons may appear slightly more rounded – this only affects default system buttons that have not been styled/replaced by custom CSS. You will also be able to change the colour and font on the default buttons through the user interface.
Questions about configuring enhancements?

If you have any questions about the latest enhancements, please email the support team on support@rapidata.co.uk or call 01293 524066.

If you missed Artez’s New Enhancements Webinar on the 14th of October you can watch the recording and download the slides here:

These enhancements are now available inside your Artez account! We encourage you to explore how you can use the new tools to make your events and campaigns even more successful!

Posted by Scott Gray on 14/10/2010 within Online Fundraising

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