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Upcoming Artez Release 10th April 2014

What’s coming up in our April 2014 release? 

Update: This product release previously set for the 9th of April has been rescheduled to the 10th of April. During the release period, the Artez system will be briefly inaccessible. Scheduled downtime will occur between 2am-6am GMT, 10th of April.

Our latest release includes two great new features: a new Corporate Team level and the option for a donor to pay your processing fee!

1. Corporate Teams
Corporate Teams are one level above regular teams, allowing your event to group teams under one umbrella. Event administrators can now easily create and manage Corporate Teams through the Artez administrator console.

Your Event Registrant’s Experience: Participants registering for an event and creating a team can choose to affiliate themselves with a Corporate Team. Those joining a team will inherit the corporate affiliation chosen by the team captain.

The Role of the Corporate Team Captain: Corporate Team pages can be assigned to a Corporate Team captain who can create a team message, upload images or videos, and specify one or multiple locations for the Corporate Team. Corporate Team captains will have the ability to track the Corporate Team’s progress from inside the fundraising hub.

Reporting on Corporate Teams: A new report called “Corporate Team Summary” will provide details about Corporate Teams. Two existing reports have also been updated to capture data on direct donations made to a Corporate Team.

2. Donor Option To Cover A Processing Fee
Administrators can now enable a setting that allows the donor to opt in or out of paying the processing fee for their donation. The option to cover the processing fee is available for direct and tribute donations, event/campaign pledges, and the purchase module. Administrators can specify a £ amount, a % amount, or a combined amount (£ + %) that will be added to the donation if the donor opts in.

Our dedicated Client Support Team is available to answer your questions Mon-Fri, 9am to 5.30pm. Just send an email to support@rapidata.co.uk or phone 01293 601110.

What’s Artez?
If you’re not using the Artez Online Fundraising service and would like to learn more, please contact Terry Hayward, Business Development Director, at thayward@rapidata.co.uk or 01293 601111.

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