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Using eCards in Artez

The Artez June release was a big one and the enhancement that we’re most excited about is the new e-Card tool. You can now enable e-Cards anywhere in the system where a donation can be made. But e-Cards aren’t just for thanking…you can also add them to purchase items.

If you’re using the Artez Purchase Module you can add e-Cards to purchase items allowing you to create virtual gifts or just enhance your purchase items. And best of all for clients using the Marjor and Personal event modules your event participants and fundraisers can now use the e-Card tool to thank their sponors. This is a great way to steward donors and enhance boring old thank you emails.

Below are some instructions on how to get started…

Setting up eCards in the Purchase Module (for purchase items only):

  • You can set up items in the purchase module to include an eCard.
  • Setup your purchase item as usual
  • Under the header ‘eCard Details’ select enable
  • Add a title, message, description, and image
  • Add your business rules for your purchase item
  • Click ‘Save’ to add
  • Setup a block of confirmation numbers to enable the purchase items
  • You will also need to enable the Notification – Purchase Item E-Card email

If you’d like to see how the Purchase module works with e-Cards, click here to visit our demo site.

Setting up eCards in All Modules:

  • You can also set up eCards that are associated with a donation
  • Select Card Management from the left hand navigation menu
  • Select to Enable for General Donation and Thank sponsors
  • Select whether you would like to allow users to upload their own image
  • Click ‘Save’ to enable this option
  • Set a maximum quantity of eCards per donation
  • Click ‘Add a new card template’
  • Add a title, message, description, and image
  • Click ‘Submit’ to save
  • You will need to enable the ‘Notification – Donation E-Card’ email for the eCard to work for donations.
  • You will need to enable the ‘Notification – Registrant Email – Thank Sponsors with E-Card’ for the eCard to work in the Major Event and Personal Event modules.

What do donors see?

  • Once a donor has completed their donation, an eCard option appears on the thank you page
  • Donors must click the ‘personalise card’ button to get started
  • Donors can select the eCard default or create their own
  • Donors fill in the sender name & email, recipient name & email, date, and message
  • They can preview their card or just send it

What do participants/fundraisers see?

  • Once logged in participants/fundraisers can send a thank you eCard to their sponsors
  • On the ‘Thank Sponsors’ page, participants/fundraisers can select a normal thank you or the eCard
  • They must select the sponsors they wish to thank
  • Then choose the eCard (default one or create their own). This can be previewed.
  • Participants/fundraisers can then personalise their message and click the ‘send email’ button

What do recipients see?

  • Email recipients will receive a text email with a link to the eCard
  • The email will be from the person sending it – not the organisation
  • Once the recipient clicks on the link they will be redirected to the eCard

If you’d like to see e-Cards in action, try our demo site!

If you have any questions about how to add eCards to your Artez event or shop, please contact me by emailing artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk.

Posted by Scott Gray on 09/06/2010 within Fundraising, Online Fundraising
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