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What’s new in the September Online Fundraising release?

It’s always great to report on what’s new in the Artez Online Fundraising Service released in September 2011 (release 150).

Here are some of the main highlights:

Double confirmation of email address on donation pages:

A double confirmation option for email addresses makes it less likely that your donors will input the wrong email address. You can enable or disable the “show/hide email address confirm” feature on each donation content page. We have also included an option to add the double confirm on the Data Entry content page.

Mobile event user interface:

You may now add unique styling to your mobile pages from the Event User Interface. This feature was built specifically to be mobile-optimised as mobile pages require separate styling from our application to ensure they are “mobile friendly” for smartphones. You will find a ‘Mobile’ tab in the Event User Interface for the following sections:

  • Header
  • Tabs
  • Navigation
  • Background, Layout and Buttons
  • Footer

PayPal Express checkout mobile optimisation upgrade

We have update d the user experience for donors who pay with PayPal on mobile web pages. This feature only applies to iPhone and Android devices.

New Keywords available for Facebook Connect

Donation-related and event-related keywords are now available for the event administrators to add to the content literals for Facebook Connect. Personalise the donation experience by adding keywords specific to your event.

‘Find & Replace’ Content Management

There is a new ‘find & replace’ feature at the bottom of the Content Management section. Search for a word in your content you’d like to replace and substitute in a new one.

Address verification (QAS) update

In partnership with Experian QAS, we have updated the QAS address verification integration.

UDF field update

Character limit has been expanded to allow up to 30 characters.

Mobile team pages

There are new mobile pages associated to the Major Events template (events/campaign). The mobile pages are team-related. Team members who have logged into their accounts on their smartphone browsers will have new team-related options.

Mobile App promotion

If you are using the Mobile Fundraising App for iPhone and Android, you may add your unique iTunes/Android Marketplace links to download your app inside your event. This feature will also place iTunes/Android icons on the event home page / fundraising welcome page.

If you would like to know more about the Mobile Fundraising App – please call us on 01293 524066.

New report – Mobile Fundraising

This report applies to events that have registrants using the Mobile Fundraising App for iPhone and Android. The report tracks the registrants who have installed apps, the amount they raised, solicitorID, eventID and email address.

Note on the record of registrants who have installed the mobile App.

This feature on the Relationships tab allows administrators to see if a registrant has installed the Mobile Fundraising App. The indicator will be set to iPhone or Android.

The next release is planned for this December.

If you have any questions on the above, or if there are any specific areas that you feel need to be improved, please let us know.

Posted by Scott Gray on 30/09/2011 within Fundraising, Online Fundraising
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