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Bacs – Auddis rule change

All AUDDIS service users that are generating AUDDIS 0C (cancellation) files after receiving an ADDACS advice containing a reason code of 3 MUST now ensure they are not submitting 0C files to Bacs.

An email was sent to all Service Users from Bacs informing of this prohibited practice as detailed in Section 17.5 of the Service Users’ Guide and Rules of the Direct Debit Scheme.

Why are the rules changing?

  • A new Account switching Service is being introduced in 2012 that will include a number of new features including the ability, in some instances, to redirect Bacs transactions for a period of time
  • Where the redirection facility is used, this will include AUDDIS transactions such as 0C’s to ensure other Bacs services such as Bulk Change continue to operate effectively.

All Rapidata managed clients can ignore this email, as Rapidata has made these changes so your obligations as a Service User are met. If you do have any questions or concerns on this, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

Posted by Scott Gray on 24/04/2012 within Bacs
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