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Changes to XML Bacs reports

Bacs recently sent a communication to its customers about changes to Bacs reports downloaded in XML.

In a nutshell, from the 5th February 2018, Bacs processing reports are moving to a new server which will change the way that XML files are generated, bringing them in line with new standards.

What does this mean for me?

If you process your Direct Debits in house, this change may impact your software and could potentially mean additional costs, so it’s important that you check that your systems can handle the newer XML standards.

However, if you’re a Rapidata client, there’s no need to worry. We access these reports for you and have been testing the new XML Bacs reports to make sure there is no impact on your Direct Debit processing.

Our agile approach to development means that we can adapt easily to any changes from Bacs. Together with our rigorous testing procedures, we ensure our clients experience a smooth service with minimal disruption.

Jennie Cameron, Head of Operations at Rapidata said, “we were aware of the upcoming change well before the deadline and so have been running tests prior to 5th February. Checks on these XML Bacs reports have all proved successful.”

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Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 13/02/2018 within Bacs

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