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Greater Insight from your NEW Artez Snapshot Report

The Artez Snapshot Report is one of the most useful of all reports in the Artez system and in response to user feedback Artez has created additional functionality that enables reporting of far more key data. Several new columns have…

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Artez Maintenance – System Upgrade 2nd June

As part of Artez  IT infrastructure upgrades, Artez will have two intermittent outages lasting no more than 10 minutes each. The interruption in service will be Sunday 2nd June at 2am   Please Note, the system will not be accessible during this time. 

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Fundraising with Facebook: Artez Research Paper

Download the Artez Facebook Fundraising Whitepaper When you ask social network users which platform is their favourite, the overwhelming answer is Facebook. Now, how much do you know about Facebook fundraising? Do you have the latest insights into your supporters’…

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Five Best Practices for Beautiful HTML Emails

The newest release of the Artez online fundraising service includes HTML-enabled emails for your events and donation forms! If this is new to you, we have some practical advice to help you get going. Email remains a crucial part of…

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Artez online fundraising and EU cookie law

For clients, donors and fundraisers using the Artez online fundraising service, we wanted to share the Artez policy on cookies for EU markets, along with information about how Artez uses cookies and the purpose of each. Artez Policy regarding Cookies…

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“Rapidata have been great. They guided us through the sometimes complicated process of setting up Direct Debit, quickly and efficiently dealing with any issues that cropped up. We’ve been very happy with the service they’ve provided…”

Tom Barrett, Lottery Administration Manager, Hospice Lottery