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HSBC withdrawing Bacs software

If you’re an HSBC customer that has been using the Bacstel-IP service, we wanted to reassure you that we can help with your regular payments. Our payments software ensures a smooth transition with no disruption to you or your customers.

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Bacs Processing Dates Christmas 2019

With Christmas just around the corner, remember there are additional Bacs non-processing days to be aware of to make sure your Direct Debit files are submitted without delays. For all Rapidata Direct Debit Managed Clients, don’t worry – we take…

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Rapidata Christmas opening 2019

We’re open over Christmas, so if you have any questions about your Direct Debit processing, you can still get in touch with us if you need to. Drop your Customer Success Manager a line on 01293 601 111 or email…

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Bacs Processing Calendar 2020

Make sure that you plan in advance, so Direct Debits payments are taken on time, without delays and in keeping with the Instructions you have with your customers or supporters. Bacs have released the Bacs Processing Calendar 2020, click here…

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Migrating to AUDDIS

Bacs has recently sent out an email encouraging non-AUDDIS Direct Debit Service Users to migrate. But what does this mean and why is this important? Let’s start with: what is AUDDIS? AUDDIS stands for Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service. One…

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“We at United Savings and Loans were sceptical about switching to a Direct Debit collection service as we were unsure about costs and how much work was needed to set the service up. Once we signed up with Rapidata we found it an easy transition with minimal man hours required, at a very reasonable cost.”

Sam Wilkes-Holmes, operations manager, United Savings & Loans