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Grow your income and reduce attrition

Charities and businesses can offer more flexibility to their payers, over the timings and amounts they pay or give regularly to their favourite causes.

Control my Payment improves the payer experience, enabling payers to better manage their finances whilst reducing attrition and boosting income.

Widening your audience

Control my Payment appeals to those who look monitor their Direct Debits on a regular basis, giving them the flexibility to continue to pay – yet with the option to fit their Direct Debit payments around their lifestyle and financial commitments.

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Increase engagement

Control my Payment provides bolt-on services which can be tailored to each organisation. These can be used to increase engagement with existing supporters, showing the impact of their gift and building relationships based on transparency and honesty.

Providing additional engagement and alternatives to simply cancelling and parting company, charities and businesses can improve their customer experience, build loyalty and reduce churn.