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Are you aware of the latest amendments to the Direct Debit Scheme rules?

Bacs has recently amended the Service User’s Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme (version 4.1) and if you hold a Service User Number for the processing of Direct Debits, you should be aware of the changes.

We have added the list of amendments below with links to the Bacs pages. If you haven’t done so already, you will have to register with Bacs to see the Direct Debit Scheme rules.


Section Brief description of change
3.2 To clarify that whilst bi-lingual instructions e.g. English /Welsh, are acceptable the DDI must be completed in English
4.2 + various Clarification that Direct Debits must be collected or within 3 working days after the specified due date as advised to the payer on the advance notice i.e. not before
4.3 Advice of additional methods  for provision of advance notice
4.4 Addition of a prohibited practice when providing details of advance notice on a secure website
11.1 Advice that a paying bank may contact a service user prior to providing a refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee
11.3 Clarification regarding timescales of when a counter claim may be raised
11.4.1 Clarification that automated DDIC settlement entries to the service user’s account will be identified by DDIC in the first 4 characters of the reference
11.4.2 Advice that challenges raised outside of the timescales quoted will not be considered by the paying bank
15.14 Clarification provided on circumstances where reinstatement of a DDI is not permitted
Restatement of the consequences of failure to undertake customer and account verification
16.3 Advice of timescales for payer receipt  of the PDD confirmation and advance notice if sending together
16.3 Clarification regarding what is and is not provided by modulus checking
16.3 Advice of how PDD confirmation and advance notice may be provided
16.3 Guidance on masking part of the payer’s account number
16.716.9 Clarification of the mandatory information that must be included in the PDD confirmation / advance notice
16.12 Advice of changes in respect of SHA-256 SSL certificates
  • Removal of the mandatory requirement to display and make available a copy of the completed DDI
  • Guidance included that a service user may wish to display a copy of the DDI as per the example in section 16.14
16.12(Stage 5) Clarification that an explanation, and not the full version, of the Direct Debit Guarantee can be given here


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager at Rapidata.

Posted by Scott Gray on 04/01/2016 within Bacs, Direct Debit
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