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Bacs accredited FM provider

Following a rule change, Bacs now requires all Facilities Managed Direct Debit bureaux to be accredited. This is in addition to the approved Bacs commercial bureau accreditation.

Bacs accredited FM provider

As a trusted bureau for over 20 years, we believe clients would greatly benefit from having their own Direct Debit Service User Number (SUN), and we have helped obtain SUNs for hundreds of organisations.

For us, the client’s brand should be front and centre of every interaction. Money collected should be deposited directly into the organisation’s bank account and not that of a third party.

However, we also know that some organisations cannot get a Bacs facility with their bank and so an FM arrangement is required.

Rapidata is an approved Bacs accredited FM provider

While we do not actively market our FM service, we have over the years, helped many organisations benefit from Direct Debit that would not able to get setup with their bank.

As such, we are delighted to be one of the first Bacs facilities management providers to be awarded the accreditation.

What is Facilities Management (FM)?

Facilities management (FM) is a service offered by an organisation to collect or administer Direct Debits on behalf of another business.

An organisation offering a facilities management service is known as an FM provider, and an organisation using their services is known as an FM client.

An FM provider acts as a Bacs service user for organisations that do not have their own service user number (SUN).

This is different from a commercial bureau which merely undertakes the processing function on behalf of a service user or administration. 



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