Direct Debits returned unpaid in error – 8th March 2018


Bacs Error 8th March 2018

Direct Debits returned unpaid in error

It has come to our attention that certain Direct Debit unpaid codes for Direct Debits processed on 8th March 2018 have been returned unpaid in error.

This error is as a result of an isolated issue with Bacs current account switch redirection system. It is not an error by Rapidata.

What codes are affected?

Two Direct Debit unpaid codes that have been returned in error on this date are ‘Account Closed’ and ‘Account Transferred’.

What action should Direct Debit Service Users take?

If your Direct Debits were processed on this date by Rapidata, no action is required. Rapidata is reviewing this and will be in touch with you directly should any of your Direct Debits be affected detailing next steps to representing. We suspect the volume affected will be very low but if you have any concerns, do contact your Account Manager.

If you do not use Rapidata and have received an email from Bacs, we advise as per email you contact the Bacs Service Desk on 0370 165 0018.

Posted by Scott Gray on 09/03/2018 within Bacs, Direct Debit

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