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Bacs launch new Service User Mircosite

Bacs has created a fantastic new microsite to allow Direct Debit and Direct Credit Service Users to have access to key information and resources when operating under these payment methods. It is easy to register, just click here.

Last week, an update to the new Service User Guide was published and can be easily downloaded from the Bacs website. Version 3.8 of the Direct Debit Scheme rules contained clarity of the rules in section 7 relating to individual Direct Debits over £20 million.

As a Bacs Approved Bureau, Rapidata will always keep up to date with changes to the Service User’s Guide and Rules and will advise our clients of any impact the changes may have. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing info@rapidata.co.uk or calling 01293 601111.


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