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Bacs processing over the summer holidays

Mid August and the summer holidays are in full swing with a lot of staff enjoying a well deserved two weeks break. Whilst we all look forward to this time, it can cause issues for Direct Debit processing.

During this period, it is Important to ensure you have adequate cover to make sure your Auddis and Direct Debit files are submitted without delay. It is also vital your Bacs reports are updated, you are cancelling and/or amending bank details, so your submissions are made accurately and without error.

Bacs has three handy tips to ensuring you are covered during the holiday period (if you are not using Rapidata):

1. It is vital your Bacs reports are collected and actioned regularly, either by yourself or your bureau on your behalf. Have you made sure you, an agency or someone in the team is available to action these during the holiday period?
2. Are there submissions to be made on the Bacs payments service website during the holiday period and is someone scheduled to make these?
3. Have you checked the Bacs processing calendar to ensure that important processing dates don’t get missed over holiday periods?


If you experienced any problems or anticipate any problems coming up and would like to discuss our Direct Debit contingency service, please do give us a call on 01293 601111 – we would love to hear from you.

Posted by Scott Gray on 15/08/2014 within Bacs, Direct Credit, Direct Debit
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