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Your Bacs reports

If you are a Direct Debit Service User, you may have recently received an email from Bacs titled ‘Your Bacs reports – why it’s important you take action’. It is critical that all Bacs reports are retrieved and action is taken to ensure payments are correct at time of submission. This is a vital part of the Bacs process and is a responsibility of all Service Users’ to ensure this is being done.

If you are a Rapidata Direct Debit Service client, you can rest assured that Rapidata is communicating to Bacs on your behalf every day to ensure your Direct Debit records are updated accordingly. Acting on the information in a timely manner ensures we are collecting from the correct bank details, cancelling Instructions and correcting Direct Debits that may have been rejected. The result is reduced bank charges, higher success on Direct Debits claims and payer satisfaction.

If you have any questions or are an organisation where this represents a problems for you, please do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to hear from you.

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Posted by Scott Gray on 04/07/2014 within Direct Debit

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