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Direct Debit Easter Processing Dates 2016

No sooner has Christmas gone, Easter is just around the corner tempting us all with chocolate eggs and a long weekend but let’s not forget the non-processing days for Bacs claims during that period!


It is Important that you manage the processing of your Direct Debit and Direct Credit files during this time and Bacs have produced a handy table below that shows the additional non-processing dates so you don’t get caught out!

Bacs Easter Processing Dates 2016

If Rapidata is processing your Direct Debit files, we will make the necessary adjustments so you don’t have to worry your submissions will be made on time. If we are also sending out your Advance Notice letters, new Payment Instructions will also be setup in accordance with the Rules and these non-processing dates. If you take care of the setup and sending out of the Advance Notice letters, then please make sure you have made allowances for these dates.

If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01293 601111.

Posted by Scott Gray on 17/02/2016 within Bacs, Direct Credit, Direct Debit
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