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Direct Debit software license renewal – time to review?

Recently we’ve seen a lot of acquisition in the Direct Debit software market place and one that doesn’t surprise me. The current economic background lends itself to mergers and acquisitions – but is it good for customers?

In some cases yes but I have been surprised to hear, for some, that come renewal time the annual license fee is increased quite significantly. Now there may be a good reason for this but before you renew, it’s worth comparing the renewal cost you’re facing with a quote from Bacs approved bureau for processing and managing your Direct Debits.  You may find a better deal, not only in cost but in processing and analysis efficiencies, and useful added value in expert advice and complementary/innovative services that could give you competitive advantage.

At Rapidata, we take a flexible approach to the setup of each of our clients knowing that each will have different processes they would like us to tailor with. If our experience tells us there is an easier way to setup, manage and submit Direct Debits, we will always make recommendations to see if we can improve the data flow for easier, faster and more effective management for both parties.

So, if it’s nearing that renewal time or your would like the security of a Bacs approved bureau as a contingency for those unforeseen emergencies that can bring your payments to a grinding halt, get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

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