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Direct Debit Holiday Checklist | Direct Debit

With the summer holidays now upon us, you may well be looking forward to that well-earned break, lounging in the sun.

But before you mentally get on that plane, take a look at our quick Direct Debit holiday checklist for managing your regular payments so you don’t come back to any nasty surprises:

  1. Make sure your Bacs reports are collected and actioned regularly. Check that someone in your team or at your agency is available and knows how to do this over the holiday period. Find out what needs to be actioned >
  2. Check when submissions are to be made. Make sure someone is scheduled to make these submissions.
  3. Don’t miss processing dates. Take a look at the Bacs processing calendar to ensure important processing dates aren’t overlooked.
  4. Share key contacts. Make sure any key senior colleagues have the right bank and contact details, so they can contact someone in case of any urgent enquiries.

As a Bacs approved bureau, we give our clients peace of mind that their Bacs reports will be actioned and Direct Debit payments will be processed throughout the holiday period.

If you’d like to remove the risk of managing your own submissions, or simply would like to reduce your admin burden, we can help you. Get in touch today for a chat with one of our specialists.

Direct Debit holiday checklist

Posted by Scott Gray on 24/07/2018 within Bacs, Direct Debit, News
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