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Guide to obtaining a Direct Debit Service User Number (SUN)

Bacs service user number guide


How do you get a direct debit Service User Number (SUN) and how do you put it live so you can offer Direct Debits?

As a Bacs Approved Bureau with over 20 years experience in helping organisations to set up Direct Debits, we are often are asked this by clients.

We’ve put together a quick 7 step how-to guide to obtaining a Bacs Service User Number, which could help explain the process more simply:

1. Contact your Relationship Manager at your bank


2. Ask your Relationship Manager for the following forms (these may differ slightly depending on your bank):


If you are using Rapidata to setup and process your Direct Debits, your Account Manager will guide you on these forms and the process.


3. Complete and return the completed application forms to your bank

Your Relationship Manager will have to approve and once done, will send on to the bank’s Bacs Team to issue your six digit Service User Number (SUN).


4. Complete AUDDIS test file

This is a file that you will be sending (or your bureau) to setup new Direct Debits. This will allocate you a live date once successful.


5. Complete Paperless Direct Debit training

This training will allow you to take Direct Debit via the telephone or online.


6. Obtain documents approval with the Bacs Team

These documents are those you use for signing up new payers or supporters, and the confirmation or advance notice letter that you must sent out. It’s vital that these documents meet the Bacs Guides and Rules.


7. You will be issued a live date

From this date you can setup and process Direct Debits – congratulations!

This is a very simple guide to getting a Service User Number, as there are different options and things to consider if you already have Direct Debits in place.

If you would like to find out how you can benefit from our Direct Debit Service User Number related solutions if you do not currently have your SUN, please browse our services here or speak to us today for more.