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Have you received a Bacs alert email like this?

Some of our clients have told us they have received an urgent email from Bacs with the alert ‘You are in breach of the Bacs Scheme Rules’. Don’t panic, if you are a Rapidata Direct Debit Managed Service client there is no breach to worry about.

Bacs Scheme Rules breach email

ACTION REQUIRED: All you need to do is let us know you’ve received a Bacs alert, simply forward the email to your Account Manager, and we will confirm with Bacs that Rapidata is acting on your behalf so there is no further action required.

Similar to our blog of last year,  alerts like this are sent from Bacs from time to time as part of Bacs ensuring all Service Users are adhering to the Bacs Scheme Rules. They are sent to your Primary Security Contact (PSC) because it has been noticed that your organisation has not accessed Bacs reports under your Service User Number for some time.

However, there is no need for you to do so because Rapidata is downloading and managing all Bacs reports for you on a daily basis; and because we are 100% compliant in adhering to the Bacs Scheme Rules on your behalf, your organisation is NOT in breach.

If you receive a Bacs alert, please do let us know or feel free to contact your sponsoring bank or Bacs directly and advise them that Rapidata, your Bacs Bureau, is performing this action.

If you have any concerns we’re here to help, so do contact your dedicated account manager or contact us on 01293 601111 or support@rapidata.co.uk.





Posted by Scott Gray on 25/09/2015 within Bacs, Direct Debit
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