How to avoid becoming the next Concern Worldwide

Five Top Tips featured in Third Sector to minimise this type of Direct Debit payment error

Avoid Direct Debit Errors | Direct Debit

The Direct Debit problems experienced by Concern Worldwide (UK) can be prevented by taking a few simple steps, writes Scott Gray in Third Sector.

In the article, Scott gives five simple ways to safeguard your organisation against this type of payment error:

1. Reduce risk and review processes

2. Don’t mess with the submission files

3. Prioritise accuracy, even when time is tight!

4. Impose a warning system for submission values

5. Setup a Bacs Credit arrangement if the worst did happen

For all the details, please check out and if you have any concerns yourself, please feel free to contact Scott or anyone else at Rapidata.


Posted by Scott Gray on 05/05/2016 within Direct Debit
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