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Tips for implementing insights from ‘The Commission on the Donor Experience’

CDE Publication 04: ‘First impressions count – Thank you and welcome’ by John Grain.


Following the launch of The Commission on the Donor Experience’s report at the IoF Convention in July, we’ve pulled out some of the recommendations that may be relevant to your regular giving fundraising with Rapidata.

Reviewing the 4th publication: ‘First impressions count – thank you and welcome‘, we’ve looked at two of the paper’s main points and applied them to our own top tips for getting the most from your online Direct Debit pages using Rapidata’s eDirectDebit service:

1. The report states that: first-time donors and existing supporters should always be thanked for their gift, but often content of thanking messages is dull and uninspiring.

With Rapidata eDirectDebit, you can tailor the ‘thank you’ email that is sent to the donor immediately on sign up.

You can warmly thank your supporters for their gift using the text area within the eDirectDebit email. This is easy to edit and still ensures the template meets the Paperless Direct Debit rules.

Check our Help Centre or contact our Support Team on 01293 601 110 or email support@rapidata.co.uk for help in making edits to your current thank you email.

2. The Commission suggests: all new donors should receive a Welcome Pack and those giving online should be given the option to get their pack digitally or via mail.

Using eDirectDebit you can give your supporters the choice of how they receive their Welcome Packs at Direct Debit sign-up. Simply create a specific custom ‘Question and Answer’ field in eDirectDebit. Find out how to do this here. If you need help, please contact our Support Team.

These are simple steps that can have a big impact on your regular giving results.

As we further review the CDE publications, we’ll provide more suggestions on how you can implement, test and optimise your Direct Debit pages for you and your supporters.

If you need any help or have any questions, please give your Account Manager or our Support Team a call on 01293 601 110.

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