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Is your donation page converting visitors to donors?

How does my online donation page look? Wrong question! What you should be worrying about is how it converts! CEO of Artez Interactive, Philip King, shared some tips in last month’s Fundraising Success magazine about how to ensure your donation page is converting visitors to donors.

Philip’s tips can be applied to your eDirectDebit pages and Artez donation pages whether you are a charity or corporate client.

Step 1: Make sure your online donation pages are being recorded by Google Analytics. You can use another technology, but really why would you? Google Analytics is FREE. If you aren’t currently tracking your pages, start today so you’ll have a baseline.

Step 2: Create a “Version 2” of your donation page. For example if your current donation page is heavy with images, make Version 2 lighter.

Step 3: Use Google Website Optimizer (yes, also FREE) to test Version 1 vs. Version 2. Pick the version that has the best conversion rate.

Step 4:
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as often as you can. If you were able to improve your donation page conversion rate by 5 percent, just imagine how much more money you’ll earn this holiday season.

Step 5: Treat yourself visiting Google Conversion University. Even if you’re a non-technical person I encourage you to spend 15 minutes here; these tools are so easy to use they are no longer exclusive to the IT team. It will give you and your team a new approach to your online donation pages, as well as your Web site in general.

Sometimes less really is more so make sure your donation doesn’t just look good – it also needs to perform well.

If you would like to add Google Analytics to your eDirectDebit or Donation page, give us a call on 01293 524066 or email artezsupport@rapidata.co.uk.

Posted by Scott Gray on 14/12/2009 within Direct Debit

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