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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

But be sure of your business continuity

It is hard to think when the weather is so mild that snow could be just round the corner but we’ve seen snow as late as April in recent years and as I write there’s heavy snow falling on the continent.  In what can be a childhood delight of snowmen, snow balls and days off school, a white blanketed landscape can also be an operational nightmare for many offices.  In just the last two years we’ve seen heavy snowfall bring the UK to a standstill, with many organisations being caught out because their staff were unable to get to work.

Rapidata didn’t escape the difficulties when we were hit with severe snow and ice two years ago.  I have to admit we managed business as usual only because a number of staff lived locally and could walk to the office. We were lucky since when transmitting Direct Debit payments there is only a small window of opportunity to do so within Bacs guidelines and rules to avoid costly delays.  But more importantly it taught us a valuable lesson – it’s simply unacceptable to rely on luck for your business continuity.

As soon as the snow had melted away, we implemented our Snow & Ice Procedure to ensure all staff that may be unable to get to work can operate remotely and securely.  This means we eliminated any risk that transmission windows could be missed. This winter our clients can feel assured that, no matter what the weather, there will be no disruption to our service.

In the wider scheme of things it’s not just snow that can cause an office to grind to a halt; it could be fire, flood or power failure, even a burglary, a terror attack evacuation or an earthquake!  Okay, it’s more likely to be staff that are off sick, on holiday, or lose their smartcards, or your organisation could suffer hardware or software failures. The question is how would you deal with this? Whatever the cause of your operational glitch it’s important to ensure your business continuity and to have a contingency plan in place rather than risk facing disaster recovery.

If your organisation is not using Rapidata for the processing and management of your Direct Debits, then why not have peace of mind and consider having us on standby to help should you need us with our Payment Processing Contingency Plan? We will always be on hand to submit Auddis, Direct Debit or Direct Credit files on your behalf and will notify the key contacts when these have been submitted and confirmed by Bacs.

Contact us today on 01293 601111 or info@rapidata.co.uk to find out how we can help you in the event of disruption.

Scott Gray  |  Managing Director, 
Rapidata Services Plc

Posted by Scott Gray on 23/01/2012 within Direct Debit
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