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IMPORTANT NOTICE: London tube strike – will it impact your Direct Debit submissions?

There is a London tube strike proposed by the RMT from 9pm on Monday 28th April for 48 hours. This could impact your Direct Debit submissions!

The 1st of the month is the most popular collection day for Direct Debit processing. If your organisation collects on this date, the strikes falls on the days when you need to submit. If your staff are unable to get to work or have requested the day off, this could affect your ability to ensure collections are made without delay.

At Rapidata, located in Crawley, Sussex (where’s theres no underground!) we have a team ready to jump in and help in the event you should need us to cover an emergency situation.

Speak to the team about setting up a Bacs Contingency Service or have a file you need us to submit on your behalf.  Get in touch on 01293 601111 or drop us an email info@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by Scott Gray on 25/04/2014 within Bacs, Direct Debit, News

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