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Migrating to AUDDIS

Bacs has recently sent out an email encouraging non-AUDDIS Direct Debit Service Users to migrate. But what does this mean and why is this important?

Let’s start with: what is AUDDIS? AUDDIS stands for Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service. One of the main benefits is having all new Direct Debit Instructions setup electronically rather than being posted to the payer’s bank.

Here at Rapidata we have been processing Direct Debits under AUDDIS and have helped hundreds of organisations migrate over, so they can benefit from:

  • Faster identification of invalid account information
  • Reducing unpaid Direct Debits
  • Faster setup and first collection of Direct Debit payment
  • Reducing errors and easier reconciliation
  • Saving time and money posting Direct Debit Instructions to payers’ banks
  • Benefit from having payers sign-up online via Paperless Direct Debit

For a good few years now, if you are new to Direct Debit you can only be setup under AUDDIS.

If you’ve not yet migrated to AUDDIS, you may find that you’re not maximising your income, and spending additional time and resource managing DDIs manually.

Plus, giving your payers the option to sign up to Direct Debits online provides a cost effective revenue stream.

We highly recommend you review and make the transition, and while it’s not yet mandatory to migrate to AUDDIS – it’s worth it!

How Rapidata can help with migrating to AUDDIS?

Our expert team have helped hundreds of organisations setup and migrate to AUDDIS.

It might seem daunting but we are constantly helping clients to carry out this transition. We can manage this process so you achieve a successful migration, with no disruption to your Direct Debits, whilst benefitting from enhanced processing of your regular payments.

If you want to talk through what this might involve, there’s no obligation – simply give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 18/06/2019 within Bacs, Direct Debit

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