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Time to move to AUDDIS?

Are you still sending paper Direct Debit Instructions to your payer’s bank? 

If you are, maybe now is the time to consider making the switch to AUDDIS?

What is AUDDIS?

AUDDIS stands for the Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service which means the automatic transfer of new Direct Debits to Bacs.

Why should I consider the move to AUDDIS?

For all new Direct Debit Service Users, you have to be setup under AUDDIS. It is only old Service Users that may still be using the old method of posting the Instruction to the payer’s bank.

This is open to risk, as there is reliance that the bank successfully receives the paperwork, the instruction is setup and your Direct Debit gets collected when you want it to.

AUDDIS automates this and makes the whole process quicker, easier and more cost efficient. Bacs recently highlighted the benefits to moving to AUDDIS:

How do I migrate to AUDDIS?

Speak to your bank and let them know that you would like to migrate your SUN to AUDDIS.

There will be some paperwork to complete and there are a few data steps to make sure your Direct Debits are in a good place so you are able to migrate.

If you are using  Bacs bureau or have Direct Debit software, make sure you speak them to find out if there are any extra costs or what help they are able to give you.

Supporting you all the way

The benefits of moving to AUDDIS include saving valuable time, reducing manual input, increasing income and reducing risk, so it’s important to consider transferring over.

At Rapidata we have helped hundreds of organisations migrate, taking the stress and hassle from understanding the process and making sure you start get the most from using an improved automated Direct Debit service.

If you would like to discuss and have an no obligation conversation with one of our experts, please get in touch today.