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How to maximise your online direct debit facility: Reactivating lapsed donors

Following on from last week’s blog, this week’s tip for maximising your online fundraising is reactivating lapsed donors.

When former direct debit donors come back to support your charity month-on-month, you are likely to want to give them special treatment. Your fundraising or marketing team has put a good deal of effort in reaching that donor and it is important that the donor continues to feel appreciated throughout the donation process. You can use your eDirectDebit functionality to recognise, welcome back and reactivate direct debits for lapsed donors.

What does it cost?

Our regular charge for this service is £50.00. This includes enabling the reactivation tool and setting up a customised email for reactivated supporters, but until the end of August 2010 we are offering this service to customers absolutely FREE .

How do you get started?

If you’re a Rapidata eDirectDebit customer, you can set this up in three easy steps:

  • Email support@rapidata.co.uk and request that the reactivation module is enabled for your eDirectDebit page.
  • The Rapidata team will send you a querystring with instructions for how to apply it to your eDirectDebit URL. The querystring will recognise when a payer is a former donor.
  • You may like to include a welcome message to the start of the direct debit process, so that the donor feels that you recognise and welcome them back. Similarly, once their direct debit has been completed, you may want to send them a tailored confirmation email that welcomes them back on board. Just send us the email text you would like to use and we’ll update your email templates. If you would like to keep this the same as your current generic confirmation message, please let us know.

How do you track reactivations?

If you’re sending out an email to reactivate lapsed donors then you can include their most recent URN (unique reference number) in the querystring URL. This allows our system to assign the donor the same reference number when they complete their new direct debit setup. Don’t worry you will still be able to track reactivations independently of new sign-ups! Using this feature also allows you to avoid duplicates which will be much appreciated by your database team!!

New domain name for reactivations

When contacting lapsed donors it’s a good idea to use a simple URL, such as www.charityname.org.uk/welcomeback that provides a direct link to your reactivation site. This reduces the number of times a donor has to click before setting up their direct debit and it can increase conversions. Rapidata can buy a domain name requested by you and link it  to your reactivation site. The domain name will be valid for 2 years. The cost for this service is £25.
Unique webpage for reactivations

You should also consider using unique messaging and amounts on your eDirectDebit reactivation page. A ‘welcome back’ message at the top of the page will make returning donors feel valued from the start. To do this, Rapidata will set up an additional page specifically for reactivated donors. We can even add a field to the page asking for their unique reference number (if known) to help match their record when you download the data.

To add an additional site or to discuss how you maximise your eDirectDebit site for reactivations, please call us on 01293-524066 or email support@rapidata.co.uk

If you are already an eDirectDebit user and you have any questions regarding your eDirectDebit service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted by Scott Gray on 25/06/2010 within Direct Debit, Fundraising
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