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How to maximise your online direct debit service – Direct Debit Ask Values – part1

For over five years Rapidata’s eDirectDebit service has helped hundreds of organisations accept direct debits online. We recognise the ever-increasing need to provide online customers, supporters and members the ability to setup a direct debit easily and quickly at a time that suits them.

As online transactions have been growing in both consumer popularity and in functional sophistication, we have continually changed and developed eDirectDebit to meet the requirements of our clients.  We are always searching for new ways of helping to increase the number of direct debits and to make it easier for payers to sign-up.

Over the next few months we will be adding a weekly post to our website to update you with practical tips on how you can maximise your eDirectDebit web page, if you aren’t already.

The first, and in my opinion, one of the most important is the ‘Direct Debit Ask Value’, the amount you are suggesting to the payer, encouraging and hopefully influencing their decision process.

Review the values that appear in the drop down box

For organisations that allow the value to be chosen in the drop-down box, it is important to select the right range that appears. Most crucial is setting the right default value to maximise the amount payers agree to sign-up to as a regular payment.

For instance, Rapidata is the leading direct debit giving specialist for the charity sector.  Our charity direct debit processing shows us that, currently, the average online donation value is just over £12, but donations can be much lower or even far greater in value. So, for a charity it is worth testing alternative values to see what ranges will drive up sustainable online giving.

Try increasing or decreasing the default value and adding, removing or changing the amounts displayed to see if this has a positive impact on your average direct debit value.

If after changing you think this is not working – simply let us know and we will remove or change the default value and any of the drop down amounts to help you reach the optimum settings for your organisation.

‘Other’ Value field

In addition to a range of set values in the drop down box, you have the ability to add an ‘Other’ value field that allows your payer to add in an amount they wish to sign-up to. This is only appropriate if you are happy to give your payer the choice to decide on the direct debit value.

Again, it is wise to test.  If you would like to add or remove this field, let us know and we will make the change immediately.

Minimum Amount

Unless specified differently by you, we will always apply a minimum direct debit value of £1.00.

You may decide that this amount should be higher and make reference to that when a payer is signing up to a direct debit.

To change the default amount, please contact us and we will make the change.

Coming next week . . .

Direct Debit Ask Values – Part 2:  Passing in amounts, locking amounts and specifying amount options will be detailed in next week’s posting.

In the meantime if you are a eDirectDebit user and you have any questions regarding your eDirectDebit service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted by Scott Gray on 02/06/2010 within Direct Debit, Fundraising
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