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Preparing your team for the new normal

Preparing your team for the new normal working

As recovery from the crisis begins and people venture back to work, managing the return to the new working environment will demand much thought and careful leadership.

There’s the need to ensure that all business processes continue to work efficiently, and particularly for charities with income dependent on donations, this means ensuring that regular giving Direct Debits, and one off donations processing remain consistent.

It’s important to prioritise collection dates so no payments are missed, vital regular income continues, and supporter trust and confidence is maintained.

But there’s also your team to consider. After months of lockdown, it is likely many will feel some degree of trepidation about coming back to the office, whether about possibly still catching coronavirus or managing childcare if schools have not reopened.

How can charity leaders best support the wellbeing of their teams, as we ease out of lockdown and back into some sense of normality?

With all of our lives thrown into disarray over the past few months, we must be aware of the extra issues our people may be facing.

Financial, health and mental wellbeing, all might affect their behaviour, so it’s important to not only be a strong leader, but a kind one too. Here are some things to consider:

While we can’t control the current situation, we can control how we lead. And being kinder towards those we work with as well as to ourselves will only help to nurture better working relationships, helping people to feel more valued and, it follows, more motivated and better equipped to do their jobs – good for them, and for your organisation.

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