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Rapidata announces regular giving donation cancellation stats since ‘Cooke outcry’

Regular giving specialist, Rapidata Services Plc, has today released charity Direct Debit donation cancellation rates for 2015, with focus on identifying impact of the death of veteran poppy seller Olive Cooke and subsequent media, Government and public outcry.

Cancellation rates for 2015 Q2 shows April (2.86%) May (2.72%) and June (2.81%) as steady, having registered very slightly up on 2014’s figures (June 2014 2.39%). The rate for June year on year has risen by less than half a percentage point (notable spikes in cancellation rates are generally expected to be 1% increase or more). Therefore there is no indication of a dramatic increase in regular giving supporters cancelling their donations last month during the period of markedly negative publicity and an influx of complaints made to the FRSB.

Post-recession regular giving has struck a steady trend. June rates for 2014 and 2013 showed just less cancellations than this year, with 2012 showing more at 2.99%. All are significantly lower than at the height of the recession when June 2009 hit a rate of 4.09%.

Rapidata is treating June’s regular giving figures as a sign of stability in the sense that wide spread bad publicity about fundraising practices has not triggered an immediate spike in cancellations.

Scott Gray, managing director of Rapidata explains, “Regular giving appears to be in positive shape with those people who are already committed to a cause continuing to support their chosen charities. Recent media angles may have incited a degree of unrest and concern but our figures are encouraging and I believe British charities remain close to the hearts of the public at this time.

However, whilst I see this as good news, there is anecdotal evidence that some fundraising campaigns are being delayed and others could experience reduced response rates. Whilst this does not impact cancellation rates in existing regular giving programmes, it could have an impact on the numbers of new regular donors being recruited, and the planned budgets and ROI for campaigns. We will continue to closely monitor cancellation rates over the coming months for signs of change.”

Month of June in Review

Charity DD cancellation rates June 2015



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