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Rapidata promotes SEPA Direct Debit in Ireland

The Rapidata Team heads to the Fundraising Ireland’s National Fundraising Conference 2016 to promote our SEPA Direct Debit Service.

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Taking place in Dublin between 7th – 8th April, the country’s National Fundraising Conference brings together international and local leaders, providing the three i’s of fundraising –  inspiration, interaction and insight.  The programme offers a chance to reflect on all that has been achivied and an opportunity to celebrate fundraising today and develop a vision for the future.

Rapidata hopes to bring our own three i’s to the conference, showcasing how easy it is to get setup and on board with our SEPA Direct Debit Service in Ireland. Certainly inspiration and insight, and hopefully interaction as we demonstrate how essential SEPA DD could be in helping you develop your regular giving fundraising.

We hope to see you there! #FINFC2016

For more information on SEPA Direct Debit, please contact us on +44 (0)1293 601111 or email info@rapidata.co.uk

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