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Research: Download Direct Debit Charity Tracking Report 2019

We’re proud to launch our Charity Direct Debit Tracking Report this year, which celebrates 15 years of regular giving trends and providing Direct Debit benchmarking data to the charity sector.

It’s a free resource and allows charities to compare performance on their individual giving programmes, to improve results and help plan for the future. Download your copy today!

This year’s report looks at:

  • Direct Debit cancellation rates: the impact of the economy, government and society
  • Regular giving acquisition rate: what can affect charities’ acquisition programmes
  • Cancellation Average Benchmark (CAB): giving a guide for charities
  • ‘No show’ payments: what can cause that first payment to fail
  • Online Direct Debits: testing and optimising

“Over the last 15 years Rapidata’s Direct Debit tracking has provided real insight into the trends and performance of fundraising. It continues to be an essential piece of research to understand what is happening with regular giving in the charity sector.”

Dan Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs, Institute of Fundraising

Direct Debit Charity Tracking Report 2019

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 28/06/2019 within Direct Debit, Fundraising, News

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