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Thinking Paperless Direct Debit?

We explore why organisations are moving to Paperless Direct Debits (PDD) and give an introduction to the PDD service.

Organisations looking to make it easier for customers to sign-up to Direct Debit via online, keypad or telephone must be approved for Paperless Direct Debit and have Auddis setup under their Direct Debit Service User Number (SUN). Once setup, there are a number of advantages:

  • Offering Paperless Direct Debit at ‘point of sale’ can eliminate much of the paperwork and increase sign-up
  • Eliminates delays in postage and saves on postage
  • Applying modulous checking at ‘point of sale’ ,which is mandatory for PDD, ensures the payer’s bank details are correct, speeding up the sign-up process and reducing costly administration follow-up after the event
  • Telephone PDD sign-up can increase sales conversions
  • Better service – what your customers or supporters have come to expect as standard as a simple and convenient way to setup a Direct Debit.

All sounds great but how can I get setup?

1. First you must have a Direct Debit Service User Number. If you haven’t got one, please contact your Bank or give us a call to discuss how you get setup.

2. So, you have a SUN but are you setup under Auddis? You need this to be able to lodge the Direct Debit electronically to Bacs.If you are unsure, speak to your Bank’s Bacs department.

3. Great – you have a SUN and it’s setup under Auddis, All you need to do now is apply for PDD, get the Internet or telephone scripts approved and ensure at least two people within your organisation complete the online training. If you are a client of Rapidata, we can help with all of this, aswell as getting you setup online. If you are not using our services but would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

Paperless Direct Debit is a fantastic way to get more payer’s signed up to Direct Debit. The process can sometimes sound complicated but as a Bacs Approved Bureau we are here to make it as simple a process as possible so you and your payers can start benefiting from PDD.

Posted by Scott Gray on 01/08/2012 within Direct Debit
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