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Forget the postal strikes and use eDirectDebit

The recent postal strikes have caused many Not-for-Profits to worry about the effect that this will have on their Direct mail campaigns. Christmas appeals are about to be sent out but there can be no guarantee that they will arrive in time. If you are concerned about this there are other ways to catch your donors, you’ve guessed it, online!

It may sound obvious but don’t forget about your online audiences.  They may not guarantee the typical DM ROI but it’s important to make it clear to your supporters that there are other ways to donate.

Here are a few top tips:

•    Make sure your Christmas appeal is prominent on your website

•    Create the same brand offline and online

•    Offer a way to donate online in your DM literature

•    Offer monthly and one-off donations

•    Include ‘what your money can buy’ next to the ask amount through your online system

•    Ask for an email address in you DM literature and increase your online reach

•    Tell your supporters that the best way to donate this Christmas is online

•    Create an e-appeal as well as a Direct Mail appeal
For more infomation about eDirectDebit please contact ddsupport@rapidata.co.uk

Posted by amcgeever on 16/10/2009 within Direct Debit

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