Are your online Direct Debit sign pages ready for Giving Tuesday?

Are your online giving pages ready for Giving Tuesday?

This year’s Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, taking place on 3 December with over 3,000 charities and businesses participating.

Last year more than £7.8 million raised in online donations in the UK on this day, while an amazing 1.5 million people told a YouGov poll that they were more likely to do something for charity because of it.

Giving Tuesday is a great way for charities large and small to boost support and awareness. Last year’s event saw Tiny Tickers meet its fundraising target six times over, enabling it to buy six £750 oximetry machines that detect heart defects in babies.

Similarly Norfolk Wildlife Trust launched an appeal to get the nature book ‘The Lost Words’ into every primary school in the area, and hit its target in under a month by using Giving Tuesday as a platform for its campaign.

If you’re taking part this year, here are 4 key steps to help you maximise its potential:

1. Show your impact

Show people what you do and what you’ve achieved. Make sure you’ve updated what your latest project has done for beneficiaries on your site, and make sure it’s visually engaging and shows the value you offer.

2. Optimise your online donation form

Make it as easy as possible for people to give to you online by optimising your donation form with these simple checks:

  • Make sure people can find it and that it is branded to your charity so donors feel confident their money is going to the right place,
  • Keep it simple, clear unnecessary fields to minimise potential givers dropping out,
  • Offer choice with a clear range of giving options, and
  • Ensure that it is mobile optimised – a lot of people will find your site whilst browsing on their phones and if it doesn’t work well, they will quickly give up.

3. Encourage monthly giving

People may be interested in supporting you longer term so make sure that choice is offered by a monthly giving option at the end of any one-off donation confirmation page or at retail purchase checkout.

4. Say thank you

It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many organisations of all kinds fail to do this.

Make sure then that you are thanking donors after they make an online donation, either through an email or a message on the transaction confirmation page. 

Everyone likes to feel valued so a thank you can really help to build the donor experience and make people more likely to support you for longer, so building retention too.

Ensuring these steps are implemented will go a long way to ensuring your charity has the best Giving Tuesday experience possible. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch to find out how we can help optimise your online Direct Debit sign up pages.

Posted by Jackie Lawrence on 25/11/2019 within eDirectDebit, Fundraising, Online Fundraising

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