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eDirectDebit – Let your Payers spread the word!

Wouldn’t it be great if your Payers could LIKE and SHARE with their friends that they’ve just signed up with you? Now our new eDirectDebit service includes a Social Media option. You can choose to enable Facebook and Twitter and let your Payer’s tell their social communities once they’ve signed up to an online Direct Debit.

Today social media is part of our everyday life. So much so that at any one time, of all internet users, 67% are using social networks. Facebook now has over 1 billion users and Twitter 500 million, with more than 50 million tweets per day.

That’s a whole lot of social networking going on and it’s no surprise that social media is becoming a vital communication tool for organisations. Used well it can have a powerful impact on the reach and spread of your message and brand, to wider and different audiences.

With this in mind we have created an option for you to include Facebook and Twitter on the new eDirectDebit confirmation page. Your payers can share a message with their social community and, through their endorsement, build awareness and encourage others to consider your organisation.

It’s so simple to use too. The default message can be easily setup by you and linked to your organisation’s Facebook or Twitter account.

Our Social Media option is a powerful addition to the new eDirectDebit service that costs no more but can add huge value…get ready to become social!

For all current eDirectDebit clients, we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss migrating to the new eDirectDebit platform so you can start benefiting from all these great new features. If you are looking to setup a new eDirectDebit service, contact us today.


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